I was born in Venice and I still live there, although my work often takes me across Italy and to other countries.
 I graduated from the Ca' Foscari University in Venice with a degree in Art History, but I was soon drawn to professional photography, specializing in portraits and cultural reporting. Currently i'm teacher in Digital Photography at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia
At the Venice Biennale Art Exhibit an in New York I made portraits of some of the biggest international names: Louise Bourgeois, Jim Dine, Jannis Kounellis, Roy Lichtenstein, James Rosenquist, George Segal, and the Italians Luciano Fabro, Mario Merz, Fabrizio Plessi, Emilio Vedova, and Giuliano Vangi. The photographs of writers that I am most fond of include: Doris Lessing, Günther Grass, Luis Sepulveda, Fulvio Tomizza, and Claudio Magris. 

Over five hundred artists and writers of undisputed renown appear in my archives. 

In New York, while shooting the portrait of pop artist George Segal, I met Stefano Bonilli, founder and editor-in-chief of the food magazine "Gambero Rosso". This encounter proved pivotal for my work, it was the portrait of a chef who in the meantime had landed star status, the author of food still life. This genre of reporting continues to excite me. The main Italian magazines - "Specchio" of "La Stampa", "Venerdì" of "La Repubblica", "Sette" of "Corriere della Sera" – as well as weekly magazines like "L'Espresso" and "Panorama", have published my works depicting social reality. For example: the photo reportage featuring female inmates on the Giudecca island in Venice, who became sought-after costume designers; the Val Germanasca's talc miners; the widely diffused images on the Belgian town of Geel illustrating its tradition in which families house the mentally ill. 

"The Sunday Times" featured my coverage of the Venezuelan Cacaotero of Chuao which showed images of the culture and of the sacred sides of the cacao industry.
 My extensive report on salt-works and the men working there gave rise to a piece entitled 'Sale Un Pizzico Non Vale L'Altro' (Salt, A Pinch Is Not Worth Another) published by "Gambero Rosso".

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